Why the title Cardinal

I chose to call this site “Cardinal Points Poetry” because cardinal is such an evocative word. As a wanderer, I’m especially drawn to it because cardinal points refers to compass points. Also, I plan to begin to post as electic a set of poems here as the word cardinal might indicate. Here are some of the other meanings of cardinal:

of foremost importance
dark red, scarlet
a crested grosbeck
of a hinge
one of the four principal directions
any number that expresses amount
deadly sins
important virtues,
any of the four astrological signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn

6 thoughts on “Why the title Cardinal”

  1. kristin laurel said:

    Dear Sandra,

    My My you have been busy. Your new website is lovely and a cause for celebration. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Kristi

  2. Betsy Britten Nilson said:

    “of a hinge” – Ah, this meaning is new to me, but certainly opens wide the includsiveness of your work. Betsy

  3. Thanks for your powerful poem “Scarlet Lyrics” in The New Verse News. It led me here to learn more about its author. I am not disappointed. Best Wishes for your good work. Ann

    • Sandra Sidman Larson said:

      Thank you so much, Ann. Your comment has led me to your website. I look forward to exploring what promises to be some wonderful poetry. Sandra

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